Low Carb Drinks

Here’s my full list of all the low carb drinks on this site – shakes, smoothies and cocktails!

Low Carb Drinks - the full collection from stepawayfromthecarbs.com

Are you obsessed by healthy, filling and nutritious shakes for breakfast or post-work out snack? Or perhaps you’re craving a sugar free chocolate milk? And let’s not forget cocktails – which are usually so full of carbohydrates. I have all the answers here with this full list of low carb drinks from the blog. Cheers!


Low Carb Shakes and Smoothies

Low Carb Almond and Blueberry Shake

Low Carb Chocolate Milk Mix

Raspberry Chia Drink

Blueberry Protein Power Smoothie

Low Carb Chocolate Breakfast Shake


Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks

Low Carb White Wine Spritzer

Low Carb Blueberry Cooler

Low Carb Margarita

Low Carb Gin and Tonic

Low Carb Chocolate Peppermint Cocktail

Low Carb Watermelon Cocktail

Low Carb French 75 Cocktail

Low Carb Mojito

Low Carb Strawberry Daiquiri

Low Carb Santa Cocktail


Oh, and if you fancy hosting a drinks party featuring low carb cocktails, check out:

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