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Low Carb Mexican Recipes Ebook


An ebook collection of 38 low carb Mexican recipes including breakfast, main meals, side dishes, and more!

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Do you love Mexican food? Check out my mini ebook which includes low carb recipes for breakfast, main meals, side dishes, and more! Instant download!

Includes printer-friendly versions of all recipes.

46 pages. PDF

1 review for Low Carb Mexican Recipes Ebook

  1. Caroline

    Hi there Georgina, first off I love your name. One of my favorite Aunts was name Georgia. Such a pretty name. I have a question. I added items to my cart to purchase but I never saw where to go to the Checkout area to pay and add my shipping address? Also, is the TOP 20 ebook the same book as the TOP 20 Low Carb ebook? I looked for the Top20 ebook so I could enter the coupon code but I never saw that either to add to my cart. I hope all my stuff is saved in my cart. When you reply and tell me how to get to checkout and enter my coupon codes, I will place my order. I am also ordering your Starter Pack, since we are new to the Atkins way of life. And I am going to go out to Amazon and order your Low Carb Chocolate Recipe book.
    Thanks kindly for your help.

    • Georgina

      Hi Caroline! Once you’ve added it to cart, click on view cart. There you’ll see the area for the coupon code. And yes, the top20 ebook is one and the same! Thanks! Georgina

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