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Low Carb Meals For One – the book

Low Carb Meals For One is crammed full of single-serve recipes, and is available in paperback, Kindle and ebook formats.Low Carb Meals For One - the book

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Are you the only person in your house following a low carb diet?

Is your family reluctant to try low carb alternatives?

Do you live on your own and get frustrated that all recipes are for four people?


Over 60 delicious low carbohydrate, sugar free, and gluten free single serve recipes to make your low carb diet even easier! With color photos and nutritional data provided for every recipe, this book will give you so much low carb inspiration! Includes ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and more!

What will you try first? The Caprese Tortilla Pizza? The Cauliflower and Cheese with Bacon? The Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie?

All recipes have been constructed with solo low carb dieters in mind, so less wastage, less expense, and more convenience! The book also contains top tips for stocking your pantry, and handy hints for eating low carb alongside your family.


The PAPERBACK version is available via Amazon:

ISBN-13: 978-1717145093
ISBN-10: 1717145094

92 pages

Low Carb Meals For One - the book

The EBOOK version can be purchased right here in my StepAwayFromTheCarbs store:Low Carb Meals For One - the book


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And the KINDLE version is also available via Amazon!

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