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Check out this list of low carb snacks! All the sweet and savory snacks from my site in one place.

Low Carb Snacks - all the recipes (sweet and savory!) from

Having low carb snacks around is essential for me! As I work for home, I often find myself wandering down to the kitchen between meals looking for a little tasty something!

Having a mixture of sweet and savory snacks available at all times really helps me stay on track with my diet. And it can really be as simple as having hard boiled eggs, nuts seeds, low carb dark chocolate, or peanut butter on a celery stick ready to munch on.

But sometimes you wants something more substantial, and making your own snacks is always the best way to ensure that you can control the grams of carbs in each bite.

Many of these snacks are very portable, so you have no excuse for going hungry or reaching for a high carb snack with a ton of added sugar.

So take your time, scroll through the list, and see what snack would work for you! And if you can’t see a low carb version of your favorite snack, let me know! I’ll do what I can to recreate it!

P.S. Want to cut some corners with your snacks? Check out my article The Best Store Bought Low Carb Snacks (zero prep!!) or my Top 10 Low-Prep Snacks for Low Carb Diets – so handy when you’re in a rush!

Bacon Wrapped Sausages

Looking for a delicious and simple appetizer for your next gathering? It doesn’t get any easier than these mouth-watering bacon wrapped sausages. They’re savory, perfectly crispy, and there’s just two ingredients – bacon and sausage! It’s almost summer time – and that means party time. Backyard barbecues and tailgate parties and pool parties and… well …

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Keto Halloween Snack Tray

This fun Halloween snack tray is full of delicious low carb and keto-friendly ingredients, all arranged in the shape of a carved pumpkin! This post may contain affiliate links. This certainly isn’t the first Jack O’Lantern themed low carb food that I’ve created! Some of my other reader favorites are: Low Carb Halloween Quesadillas Halloween …

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