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Easy Low Carb Party Bites

These low carb party bites are simple and easy to make, and will please even the pickiest party guests!Easy Low Carb Party Bites - just three ingredients

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There are sooo many pretty and fancy party food ideas out there – but sometimes that's not actually what your guests want! These one-bite, no mess, what-you-see-is-what-you-get canapes are simple, straightforward and of course, low carb. No sneaky hidden sauce dribbling down your white shirt. No toothpick to try and discard discretely. No balancing a canape plate, canape fork and napkin along with your drink. No “but does it contain cilantro?” 🙂

Three ingredients. Cucumber slices, salami, Swiss cheese. I use the Swiss cheese because I like the fun holes so that you can peek through to the salami. But obviously you can use whatever you like.

To make 20 bites you'll need one English cucumber and approximately six slices each of the salami and cheese. Find a round cookie cutter the same diameter (or a tiny bit smaller) than the cucumber slices. Cut the salami into rounds – you can get about three per slice.

Then repeat with the cheese.Easy Low Carb Party Bites - just three ingredients


I love the combination of the juicy cucumber, salty soft cheese and the slight spice of the salami. As for the carbs – these contain 10.6g net carbs for the ENTIRE batch – including all those off-cuts! Actually I sometimes end up eating the off-cuts as I'm preparing these since I tend not to eat much at my own parties!Easy Low Carb Party Bites - just three ingredients


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There are lots of variations that you could work into this simple recipe – what combination would you choose?