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The Best Keto Fennel Recipes

Here are the best keto fennel recipes from around the web! Main meals, side dishes, soups, salads, and more!

The Best Low Carb Keto Fennel Recipes - main meals, sides, soups, and more!

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Fennel is an often overlooked member of the carrot family, and is a good source of vitamins C and B6, niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and copper.

How many net carbs are in fennel?

One cup of sliced fennel (about 87g) contains just over 3g net carbs, which definitely makes it a low carb vegetable

Fennel bulbs

To prepare fennel bulbs, the stalks and fronds are removed – although I frequently use some of the fronds for a very pretty garnish. The bulbs can then be sliced, chopped, or left whole, depending on the recipe. Fennel has a very strong aniseed taste, and although it can be eaten raw it is usually cooked to help mellow the flavor a little. 

But as you'll see below, it is very versatile and pairs well with creamy flavors as well as bright fresh ones. Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions!

The Best Keto Fennel Recipes

The Best Keto Fennel Recipes