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A Guide to Low Carb Candy

This list of low carb candy is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! I've included recipes, products and list of keto alternatives to popular candy!

A Guide to Low Carb Candy - recipes, products, and popular candy alternatives

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I started following a low carb diet in 2008. Like many people, I'd tried other methods of controlling what I ate in an effort to lose weight. With every other method I got bored with the food options available, or I just couldn't sustain it.  Low carbing was a game-changer!

I distinctly remember how everyone said that I would lose my sweet tooth. Well, 12 years in and that's not the case. I could eat high carb sour candy right now – if I didn't have any willpower! I very much have my sweet tooth intact, and it's often my downfall.

If you're like me, you probably have a few particular candies that are harder to resist than the others. So as well as providing you with a list of low carb candy recipes, and low carb candy that you can buy, I've included a quick-fire list of most of the most popular candies and offered a low carb alternative. You're welcome!

Low Carb Candy to Make

Making your own candy means you have control over quantities and which sweetener to use. Most of the recipes here are pretty flexible as to which sweetener will work, although much is down to personal taste. You'll see a few holiday candies in the list – but as I mention in the descriptions – they're easy to change so that they work for any time of the year.

Low Carb Candy to Make

Low Carb Candy to Buy

We all know that buying something as specialized as keto candy is more expensive than making it – BUT. It sure is convenient and prices are getting better the more people realize how awesome low carb diets are! 

A quick internet search for “keto candy” or similar will bring up a ton of potential products, but way too many of them use maltitol – a sugar alcohol that has been around for some time and is well documented for causing “digestive distress”. The items listed below do NOT contain maltitol, with the exception of the Atkins candies, because I've tried them and had no issues. And until something better comes along, they still have a place in the market. 

Low Carb Candy to Buy


Low Carb Alternatives to Popular Candy

If you're craving a particular candy – you're likely to find it here! 


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!