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Puking Pumpkin with Spicy Guacamole

Get ready for Halloween with this hilarious puking pumpkin! (It’s really just a spicy guacamole served with low carb chips and veggies!) A “puking” or “vomiting” pumpkin is a classic Halloween party dish – it never fails to make people laugh! And of course it’s super easy to make a low carb guacamole. Just make …

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Bacon Wrapped Sausages

Looking for a delicious and simple appetizer for your next gathering? It doesn’t get any easier than these mouth-watering bacon wrapped sausages. They’re savory, perfectly crispy, and there’s just two ingredients – bacon and sausage! It’s almost summer time – and that means party time. Backyard barbecues and tailgate parties and pool parties and… well …

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