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The Best Low Carb Brunch Recipes

Here are over 45 low carb brunch recipes for you to try! Get planning for this weekend!

The Best Low Carb Brunch Recipes - over 45 delicious ideas to try!

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I have many breakfast recipes on this site – the most popular being 28 Quick Low Carb Breakfasts and Low Carb Breakfasts with No Eggs! Are breakfasts and brunches so different? Well I think they are. Breakfast is an every-day meal. Brunch implies a weekend, a later start to the day, and more time to prepare something more substantial. 

Because of this, the recipes are generally more complicated, some with several components. Having said that, there are some quicker recipes here (like my low carb French toast) and hands-off recipes (like slow cooker egg and ham casserole). Either way, relax and enjoy the process (perhaps with a low carb Bloody Mary??!?!), and know that you'll get a delicious meal at the end of it! 

Oh, and here are my top brunch ingredients and equipment!

So let's get on with the food!

Low Carb Brunch Recipes

Did I miss one of your brunch favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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