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50+ Low Carb Treats

If you're looking for low carb treats, here's a HUGE range of recipes and products for you to try!

50+ Low Carb Treats - sweet treat recipes that are all sugar free and keto. Enjoy!

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I am a BIG fan of treating myself. There, I said it! But if I'm going to reward myself for sticking low carb, doing exercise, or accomplishing something, a high carb treat is NOT the answer. What I want is something that feels naughty or decadent, but actually isn't going to mess up my diet plan.

When I thought about writing this post, I thought about separating out sweet and savory treats. But after much thought, I decided to only include sweet ones. Not that savory food can't be a treat, but it's actually not what most of head to when we feel like we deserve an extra special something. So this is just a collection of SWEET low carb treats.

First, however, I want to talk about the important subject of CHOCOLATE. There's a reason why I used a picture of chocolate as my main photo of this post. Chocolate is wonderful. The taste, the texture – everything. It is absolutely why I wrote my first book: Low Carb Chocolate Recipes!

So I thought it would be useful if I listed my favorite low carb chocolate products to get you started:

  • Lily's Chocolate Baking Chips – available in dark, white, milk, and many other varieties from Whole Foods, Amazon, or from Netrition
  • ChocZero – OK, I love ALL their products. They're a small company and sometimes do go out of stock on particular items, but they're worth the wait! They sell bark, syrup, squares, and more. Check them out on Amazon!
  • Chocolate extract – a zero carb way of enhancing any chocolate recipe!
  • Creamy chocolate shake mix from Konscious Keto – with added MCTs – 1g net carb per serving. Plus there's a 10% discount! Use “GEO10” when you check out on the Konscious Keto website!
  • Keto Bites from ChipMonk – available in Red Velvet, Cinnabun, and Chocolate Espresso flavors! Sweetened with monkfruit.
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder – useful for baking, smoothies, and more. You can find the unsweetened version in most grocery stores.
  • Chocolate and hazelnut spread – read my review of three different low carb products!
  • Unsweetened chocolate – I'm actually using this less recently, now that the standard of low carb chocolate has improved. Worth mentioning, though!
  • Oh and a quick shout-out to the Chocolate Brownie mix from Diabetic Kitchen – it is AMAZING! You can buy it direct from Diabetic Kitchen, where if you enter code NEWFRIENDS at checkout you can save 10% on your order. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25!

If you arm yourself with one or several of these items, you'll definitely be on your way to some fantastic low carb chocolate treats! Oh, and if you're looking for chocolate cocktails, I have several for you to choose from!

And of course, treats can come in many forms – and definitely not just chocolate – and I think you'll see that I've covered so many of them here!  Do you crave ice cream? Fat bombs? Cake? Candy? Maybe just a sweet snack to get you through the afternoon? It really depends what does it for you!

So here we go, take your pick, and enjoy – you deserve some low carb treats!


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Main chocolate photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash


Monday 25th of March 2019

Wow. I had no idea you had published so many! I will enjoy working my way through them lol.